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On this page, you can find links to courses and books to help you complete your PhD successfully.

Arjenne Louter is offering "The Best Way to a Successful PhD, an excellent course for students in the first years of the PhD. This course consists of teleseminars, reading assignments, videos, forum discussions, and more - a wide variety of (visually) engaging material that won't feel like a chore when you work through it during your evenings. What I like most about the course is that it deals with both the technical aspects of doing research (such as planning, writing, delving through the literature and more), the soft skills involved (dealing with your supervisor(s), negotiation techniques,...) and the energy work that is related to doing a PhD (staying healthy and happy, keeping your spirits high). In those terms, Arjenne's approach is fully in line with the academic lifestyle that I promote, which is based on hard work during a limited number of hours, and then plenty of time to refresh and replenish, to keep your creative side happy and energized.

Ben from Literature Review HQ has hosts the Literature Review Boot Camp to teach you the nuts and bolts of writing a literature review.

The course lasts about 4 hours - and it is packed with information. There are 6 sections (mindset, organization, searching, reading, writing and improvement), each with a number of videos and worksheets. Then, there is also a section with "extra's": 3 additional classes (videos of about 40 minutes each), and the success guides for your reference on the 6 topics of the course. The course covers theory as well as tutorials for practical applications. To make sure you turn the course into practice, every video has actionable goals, and every module finishes with a recap of what you need to start doing.

Check out the Literature Review Boot Camp course!

You can find books that I recommend in my Amazon store:

This page contains affiliate links. Everything that I link to has been subjected to my critical eye and bears my stamp of approval. I've gone through the courses I refer to, and read the books I recommend. All recommendations are for excellent resources that I wholeheartedly support, and of which I truly think can help you attain success in your PhD studies.

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